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Dearborn Eductor Well

  • Eductor System Dewatering Pump
  • Eductor System Dewatering


Dewatering for the installation of a 104 ft. deep Combined Sewer Overflow, CSO, for the City of Dearborn, which included an unexpected layer of silt 60 ft. below the surface.


Design a solution to dewater the soil with high clay conditions and the layer of silt.


  1. Traditional wellpoint dewatering of the top 20 ft. in high clay conditions
  2. 550 foot long deep vacuum eductor well dewatering system to allow for removal of groundwater at depths of 60 ft. and beyond.


Mersino maintained and tuned the dewatering systems for approximately 60 days. At its peak it was drawing up to 10 gallons of water per minute. The dewatering system performed perfectly and allowed the contractor to continue the excavation process under newly dewatered and optimal conditions.

Mersino is one of the only dewatering companies in the nation with the experience and equipment to perform all styles of dewatering, including eductor well dewatering.