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Dewatering Gallery

Patterson Road Sewer Installation

  • Deep Well Road Construction


Deep well dewatering requiring 2,700 ft. of dewatering to allow for the installation of a new sewer system for MDOT, extending from the city of Grand Rapids to the city of Kentwood.


  1. 50 wells ranging in depth from 35 to 45 ft. below the ground surface, each fitted with a 2 or 3 in. electric submersible pump
  2. Sewer line excavation as deep as 25 ft. in some areas along the system
  3. Dewatering system placed approximately 3 to 6 ft. inside the existing curbline to preserve the structure and eliminate the expense of reconstructing the curbs and gutters
  4. Discharge waters routed to various storm drain locations throughout the site


Mersino was able to use existing structures for electrical power to operate the pumps, eliminating the need to run portable generator units which would have been noisy and unwelcome in this residential setting.