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Trench Collection Dewatering System

  • Sock Tile Drainage Installation


Removal of impacted water for the soil remediation project for a site in Tulsa, OK.


  1. Installation of dewatering collection trenches using Mersino's One-Pass environmental trencher equipped with laser guidance, 20 ft. digging boom, stone hopper and chute, and pipe box.
  2. 3,000 lineal ft. of underdrain system in continuous runs of 800 lineal ft. placed on-grade with assistance of laser guidance.


A chain fitted with wide cutters rotated around the digging boom, excavating the existing soils and bringing them to the surface. The pipe box was located immediately above the digging boom, and the installed pipe was fed through pipe box and through a "boot" that was ultimately placed at the bottom of the excavation.

The trencher moved into position and the cutting chain rotated to begin excavating to the required depth. The cutting boom excavated into a vertical cutting position, at which point the pipe was placed at the desired depth. The trencher was fitted with a stone hopper and chute positioned on the top of the pipe box. The stone hopper was continuously filled with pea gravel, which was placed around and above the pipe and brought to the surface of the excavation.

Upon completion of the trenched tile installation, Mersino provided Global Pump Company wellpoint pumps to continuously pump on the tile, providing a continuous, curtain dewatering system.