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One-Pass Trenching Gallery

Sock Tile Trenching for Construction of Wind Farm

  • One Pass Trenching Sock Tile Drainage
  • One Pass Trenching Sock Tile Installation
  • One Pass Trenching Dewatering Construction
  • One Pass Trenching Wind Farm Foundation
  • Wind Turbine Blade Arrives


In the construction of nearly 150 wind turbines, Mersino was contracted to perform sock tile drainage trenching for the construction of large wind turbine foundations.The foundation plays a very critical role in the operational life of the wind power plant. Wind turbine foundations are constructed on a variety of terrains under challenging soil and environmental conditions. Building this wind farm required 2 temporary concrete batch plants. The reinforced concrete foundations require excavation which often is below the water table line.


Drain water away from the excavation so that the foundation could be built and concrete poured in a dry environment. Over 100 excavations required dewatering.


Mersino utilized a one pass trencher with an 18 ft. digging boom and sock box. Each structure is approximately 60 ft. in diameter. Allowing for 5 ft. offsets for the sock, the actual diameter would be approximately 70 ft., and the total circumference would be approximately 220 lineal ft.


The excavations were dewatered and the wind turbines were built in dry conditions.