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Soil Bentonite Wall Construction for Landfill

  • Landfill Bentonite Wall
  • Landfill Bentonite Slurry Sump
  • Landfill Bentonite Wall Installation


MERSINO was contracted to construct a Hydraulic Containment System consisting of a soil-bentonite wall and gravity drain system for containment of contaminated water at a landfill. This work included the installation of 2,500 lineal ft. of soil bentonite cut-off wall, 2,500 lineal ft. of the gravity drain system, three manhole structures and the tie in to the existing gravity sewer.


Prior to initiating the trenching for the placement of the slurry wall, MERSINO excavated a sump or shallow trench 2 ft. to ft. deep used to hydrate the bentonite powder per specifications prior to use.


Once the bentonite slurry was ready, the trencher operator began chain rotation and dug down to the required depth. The excavated soil was brought to the surface and the bentonite slurry was added, blended together with the soils in-situ. As the trencher continued to excavate, a homogeneous backfill mixture was created. The process produced a soil bentonite back fill blended to a uniform mixture with the trenching machine, then placed back into the trench.