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Challenging Sewer Bypass for Relining Project

  • Sound Attenuated Diesel Centrifugal Pump


The bypass requirements for the relining of a 30 in. sewer line running under a railroad track included the addition problem of running the temporary bypass under a railroad bridge to get direct access to the discharge point.


Develop an alternate system to effectively and responsibly deal with the discharge flows without utilizing a direct pipe route to the wastewater treatment plant.


  1. One 8 in. Global Pump Trash Auto Prime Sound Attenuated Pump (2,200 GPM)
  2. Four 21,000 gallon frac tanks for discharge flows
  3. Two vac trucks to pull from the tanks as they filled, and drive over an existing roadway to the wastewater treatment plant


The bypass pumping system was straightforward in scope and consisted of an 8 in. Global Pump Trash Auto Prime Sound Attenuated pump capable of delivering the required flows of 2,200 GPM.