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Rod Mersino was an hourly wage construction worker who married Karen and had seven children by the time they were 30. Like so many people in the late 70s, he was forced to leave Michigan to find work. Their first stop was Florida, where they stayed for three years. Later, they moved to Texas to participate in the oil boom of the early 80s. It was in Texas where Rod and Karen got their first taste of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Rod and a partner started an oil drilling business. After three years and a dwindling oil industry, he sold his interest to his partner and moved his family back to Michigan with no job and little money, taking from this experience the lesson that failure was not a reason to quit trying.

A former employer rehired Rod to operate a drill rig for his dewatering company. Two years later, in 1988, he and Karen decided to start a business for the second time.

A second mortgage allowed them to purchase a drill rig and a crate of pumping equipment. Time not spent on a job was spent in the garage, trying to keep the used equipment in working order. Karen handled every other aspect of the business.

Twenty years later, after many years of hard work and consistent reinvestment, Mersino is a thriving and successful business. No longer a small business in financial terms, Rod and Karen have remained unwaveringly dedicated to their values of family, hard work and a faith in God and each other.

Recently, Mersino president and CEO Gino Mersino, oldest son of Rod and Karen, created two documents to help remind the nationwide network of employees of the spirit and guiding principles on which the company was founded. The Mersino Way is displayed in each office. The Credo has been designed as a pocket card and serves as a daily reminder to each employee that they are part of something much more significant than a job. That pride and sense of purpose helps ensure the dedication to customer satisfaction that allows us to continue to reach for our goals.