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MERSINO has a premium pump for every agriculture application. Our extensive fleet of heavy duty, high efficiency water pumps are built to handle the tough demands of the agriculture industry. Our irrigation and farm pump experts specialize in meeting the high demands of irrigation, manure slurry, dewatering, abrasive and corrosive slurry pumping.

Having the right irrigation and manure slurry pumps is critical to your growing season. We offer the highest farming pump products, whether it is for irrigation, basic utility pumps, pit agitation, liquid fertilizer, or other dewatering applications, we have the highest quality pumps for high and medium head applications. We have stainless steel impellers for the abrasive and corrosive manure slurry scenarios. Heavy duty construction and materials coupled with our meticulous installation process, ensures a long water pump life.

MERSINO has in-house engineering staff that can analyze and recommend services and/or pumping equipment to handle the difficult applications that are part of any agriculture operation.

Contact us today to speak to our engineering and sales staff about your project's specific needs.