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Mersino can provide pumps for any application you may have in the Marine industry, including:

  • Barge Ballast

    Keeping the barge level while loading and unloading materials to avoid unstable conditions
  • Ship to Shore Pumping Applications

    Moving liquids from barges or tankers to tanker trucks or structures
  • Dredging Applications

    Pumping water-saturated product from the dredge location to sediment ponds, and/or return pumping of water from the sediment ponds back to the dredge
  • Cofferdams

    Removing water from within the cofferdam during excavation activities, and/or bypass pumping of the water body during cofferdam installation
  • Dry-Dock

    Removing water after a ship has been safely shored within a dry dock, and/or return pumping water after the repairs have been made to float the ship out of dock
  • Marine Pump Barge
  • Global Pumps divert stream for environmental cleanup

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