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Bio Walls

A permeable reactive barrier (PRB), also referred to as a permeable reactive treatment zone (PRTZ) or Bio-Wall, has been recognized as being a cost-effective technology for in-situ (at the site) groundwater remediation.

Depending on your groundwater flow control needs, our one-pass trencher can install both slurry walls and permeable reactive barriers – or bio-walls – consisting of a mulch and compost blend, or a mixture of granular iron and sand that work to remediate groundwater contaminants such as chlorinated solvents, other organics, metals and more. Because bio-walls are passive systems and require no maintenance or energy to operate, they are a sustainable remediation technology.

As it passes through the permeable bio wall the contaminated water is transformed to a less harmful or non-toxic form. Our one-pass trenching method has proven to be more economical than conventional methods for many applications.

  • Bio Wall Construction for Ground Water Remediation
  • Mersino Trencher for building Permeable Reactive Barrier Walls

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