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Sewer Bypass Pumping

Mersino has a proven track record in completing successful sewer bypasses ranging from 1 MGD to over 100 MGD, using a combination of temporary or permanent portable pumps and pipelines to develop sewer bypass systems for use in construction, rehabilitation or maintenance of transportation or processing systems for a variety of services, without disrupting or disabling those services.

Our extensive inventory of diesel, electric and hydraulic pumps along with a variety of pipeline material including hose, steel pipe, or high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe help to effectively manage any bypass system.

Call Mersino for Sewer Bypass Pumping Applications Including:

  • Open cut pipe rehabilitation
  • CIPP pipe rehabilitation
  • Manhole rehabilitation
  • Point repairs
  • Lift station pump repairs or maintenance
  • Wet well rehabilitation or maintenance
  • Digester cleaning
  • Tie ins
  • Lift station construction
  • Storm drain rehabilitation
  • WWTP construction and maintenance
  • Sewer pipe cleaning

Contact us today to speak to our engineering and sales staff about your project's specific needs.