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Pump & Generator Repairs

In each of our locations, MERSINO has invested in the equipment and personnel needed to repair everything we sell. We have a large inventory of submersible pumps, diesel drive pumps, and generators, all regularly in operation and all subject to typical wear and tear. In order to provide uninterrupted service to our customers, MERSINO performs all required maintenance and equipment repairs to ensure every piece of equipment is in the best possible working condition before it is rented to you or used on a project.

MERSINO makes this repair service available to our customers. All required equipment maintenance or equipment repairs can be completed by our in-house repair specialists, who work on a wide variety of pumps, engines and generators.

We inventory a large selection of replacement parts and can provide quick and cost effective maintenance or repairs to your equipment. Temporary equipment is always available for rent while repairs are made.

  • Factory Repair
  • Service Utility Truck

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